• August 10, 2022

Your Options for Selecting the Right HVAC System

If you live at a place that has ample winter and summer months with temperatures hovering much beyond the ambient then you should think about installing a heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system. Considering the energy efficiency that you want to achieve, you can select a suitable HVAC system that will help to maintain comfortable ambient temperature inside the home throughout the year. Besides providing comfort, this system will also ensure that purified air circulation that is free from mould spores and allergens and ensures healthy living.

Healthy living

While you are assured of a defined level of pure air, there is scope of improving the air quality further. The system is designed to achieve a desired level of air quality for which suitable filters are used. If you want to get it purified further, you can always do it by installing better quality filters like HEPA filter that eliminates minutest particles from the air. But what kind of HVAC system you choose depends upon your budget, your needs and the kind of technology that you prefer. Systems that are capable of cooling and heating in multiple stages and systems with variable fan speed are all available. Ponder about the following aspects to do the right selection.

Zonal systems

First and foremost you have to consider your home layout and the cooling and heating requirements. It is not only about the total load of heating and cooling but when and where it is needed. If you have several rooms across several floors of your home, it is not necessary that the same kind of heating and cooling will be required at the same time across the home. There will be some places where it will be required at times when most other places can do without it. You can select a system that has zoning facility – cooling or heating specific areas selectively. This cuts down on energy bills considerably as the system operates partially without compromising its efficiency.

Single stage and multi-stage system

For those living in areas that have extreme temperatures in summer and winter installing a HVAC system that is capable of providing comfort on the warmest or coldest day is an ideal choice. A single-stage HVAC can work very well to meet their requirements of comfort. If you want to control the air flow then there is an option of choosing a fan that has variable speeds. But the flip side of the system is that the system will always have to be run at full capacity, hence operating costs will be high. But going for a multi-stage system can solve this problem as it reduces energy consumption thereby lowering power bills.

Humidity control

50 percent is the ideal humidity to provide comfort to humans but the humidity level inside the home depends on the humidity of the outside air that is circulated in the system. Depending on the climatic humidity, use of humidifier or de-humidifier can add more comfort in using HVAC systems.

Knowing your requirements would precede the selection of HVAC system that is right for you.