• August 10, 2022
How to Build a Gaming Computer for Beginners

How to Build a Gaming Computer for Beginners

Building your own custom PC is not as hard as it seems at first glance. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to building a new computer in no time. 

There are many reasons why people choose to build their own PCs instead of buying one off the shelf. Some people might want to save money while others might enjoy the process or get a sense of accomplishment out of it. Whatever the reason, building a PC is not difficult if you know what you’re doing. 

What You’ll Need To Build A Gaming Computer 

A gaming computer is a personal computer (PC) designed for playing video games. A gaming PC can be defined by the following parts: 

  • Processor 
  • Graphics card 
  • Motherboard 
  • Memory (RAM) 
  • Storage (hard drive or SSD) 
  • Power supply unit (PSU) 
  • Case, cooling system, and peripherals. 

 Picking Out The Parts For Your Custom Gaming PC 

A gaming computer can be defined as a computer that focuses on graphics processing power, has a powerful processor, and has enough RAM for smoother gameplay. Gaming computers are generally more expensive than regular computers because of their high-end quality components that focus on higher performance. However, if you’re looking to save money, you can try building your own custom gaming PC instead of purchasing one from an electronics store. It’ll take some time to build it yourself but in the long run it will be cheaper than buying one off the shelf which also means you’ll have more customization options when assembling it. 

Choosing the right CPU and Motherboard for your Custom Gaming PC 

It is not easy to choose a CPU for a custom gaming PC, especially if you don’t know much about them. But in this article, we’ll break it down for you and tell you which CPUs are the best for gaming computers. Not only that, but we’ll also help you choose a motherboard that will work with it perfectly. 

The CPU and motherboard are the most important parts for a custom gaming PC. A great motherboard can make up for a mediocre CPU and vice versa. 

When we talk about CPUs, we usually think of Intel or AMD. The Intel CPUs are generally considered to be better quality than the AMD ones, but they cost more money as well. When it comes to motherboards, we need to pay attention to what kind of socket is required in order to fit both the processor and the memory sticks with your custom gaming PC build.