• August 10, 2022

Air Conditioning Systems – Options to Look For

The space that has to be cooled, its area and thus the volume determine the kind of cooling load that will be necessary. This is expressed in Tons and indicates the rate at which heat has to be removed from the space to achieve the desired cooling. Besides the area and volume of the space, any additional source of heat that exists in that space has also to be considered. But this is the job of a technical person and the seller of air conditioners can tell you which capacity will be right for you. There is another thing that you have to decide – which type of air conditioner you would like to install. There are three options that you can choose from depending on the area that has to be cooled.

Window air conditioner

This is the simplest and most traditional type of air conditioner that we are all familiar with. It is installed on window sills or similar wall opening hence the name. This is a compact box type unit that houses the entire system comprising of condenser, compressor, coil or expansion valve, cooling coil and evaporator. This type of air conditioner used to be most widely used till the advent of the split system that has also been discussed in this article. The air conditioner is installed in a way so that one of its broad side faces the room while the opposite side is exposed to the atmosphere. The side facing the room is the cooling side while the other side is responsible for removing hot air from the room and release it to the environment.

Split air conditioner

As the name suggests this variant of air conditioner has two units that are connected by copper tubing – the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The condenser, compressor and expansion valve is housed in the outdoor unit while the cooling coil cooling fan and evaporator is placed inside the indoor unit.  The indoor unit is generally mounted on the wall but if need be, it can also be floor mounted or ceiling mounted.  Split air conditioners are now looked upon as indoor decorative items as it enhances the aesthetic value of indoors, are more compact and sleek in appearance and requires minimum space as compared to window air conditioners.

Packaged air conditioner

If you want to move away from the concept of individual cooling of rooms, then you have to look for packaged unit of air conditioning Adelaide. This is the choice for very big size of homes, offices and commercial establishments that prefer a centralised system for cooling. These units are available in two types. The compressor, condenser, evaporator and cooling coil are all assembled in a composite enclosure where the cool air is generated and then using blower the cool air is directed through ducts that lead to various parts of the home or office. The cool air is discharged from the ducts through vents or grills that are placed at the duct terminals. In another type, the cooling coil and expansion valve is located in the rooms where the cooling happens.

Comfort and System Efficiency Is Linked to Air Flow in an Air Conditioning System

The volume of air that is circulated within an air conditioning system is greatly responsible for the comfort of users. No matter how cool the temperature is generated from the system, how comfortable one feels will depend on how well the cool air circulates through the room. It is similar to what we expect from a fan running above our head. But there will be occasions when the air flow gets reduced and increases the discomfort of the people inside the room.  This is a sign that the system is getting throttled and needs immediate attention.

Air Conditioning Systems

Before we delve in to the possible causes of the problem, there can be many reasons for it, let us understand the basic working of an air conditioning system. The air conditioner comprises of a condenser and blower. The refrigerant gets compressed in the condenser that produces the cooling effect. The blower discharges the cool air inside the enclosed space where the air conditioner is installed and at the same time displaces the hot air to produce the necessary cooling. The capacity of the blower is suitable for circulating a measured volume of air. When the air distribution system comprising the ducts gets choked, the flow of air reduces and gives rise to discomfort as a result of less cooling. Why does the air flow get reduced?

Fan motor is damaged

The blower or fan that throws air inside the room is driven by an electric motor that can get damaged due to wear and tear or for any other reason. When this happens, the blower simply stops working. Getting the fan motor repaired can resolve the problem. Even if the fan motor is working, check its speed because if for some reason it rotates at a lower speed the draft of cool air entering the room will diminish.

Clean air filter regularly

Air that is circulated in an air conditioning system is filtered prior to delivery into the system to rid it from particles that can contaminate the quality of indoor air. This air filter gets choked by the particles that get trapped inside it and results in blocking the flow of air. The blower is prevented from drawing the right amount of air as the filter is choked. Although discomfort is felt by users there is another unseen harm that is caused by reduced air flow. The system gets over worked in trying to keep the room cool and this reduces its efficiency besides causing wear and tear that can result in breakdown of the system. Inability of the filter to remove allergens from the air can raise health issues.

Leaking ducts

Loss of cool air from the ducts is another reason why the system may be burdened and people may be derived from the comfort of air conditioning. Ducts are prone to leakage and the system might lose up to 30 percent air if the problem is not detected on time. Regular checking of ducts to seal leaks is an effective way of ensuring comfort for air conditioning system users.