• August 11, 2022

Focus on Energy Efficiency When Buying Air Conditioners

What should you look for in an air conditioning system besides its cooling capacity?  The answer is energy efficiency, because air conditioners are now an indispensible part of our daily life and making it energy efficient will cut down running costs that is desired by all. That energy efficiency has always been a concern for people is reflected in the fact that the air conditioners that we use today are much more energy efficient than what is used to be about fifty years ago. Some of the best air conditioners now use at least 30 to 50 percent less energy for producing the same amount of cooling that it used to generate in the mid-seventies. But still, we are craving for further betterment and it makes enough sense not only financially but also from the environmental perspective.  Less energy consumption translates into less stress on natural resources which is the need of the hour.

Increased sales

There has been an upswing in the sales figures of air conditioners across the world and the trend continues. This is happening not only because new users are being added every day but because of another interesting fact.  Incidences of replacing not so old air conditioners have boosted sales. More and more people are willing to spend on replacing air conditioners not even 10 years old so that they can avail the benefit of enhanced energy saving between 20 to 40 percent by installing new models. This means running costs are being slashed drastically and the technological progress has benefited people even financially.

SEER ratings

This is an often heard term that you will come across when you are shopping for air conditioners. What does it really mean? It means a lot in terms of the energy efficiency of the system. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating or SEER is an indication of the amount of cooling that the system can achieve by consuming a single unit of energy. The more is the cooling the better is the performance of the system as you get more cooling with less energy. While higher SEER numbers ensure better cost effectiveness, the minimum that is acceptable is SEER 13 for standalone units and SEER 16 for centralised systems.

Split systems

The popularity of split systems is undeniable whether you choose individual unit or centralised unit at home. The evaporator is housed in the indoor unit of the split system while the condenser and the compressor are located within the outdoor unit. The individual split units are duct less with copper pipe replacing the ducts. These units are easy to install and the sleek and attractive looks of the indoor unit enhances the aesthetic value of the interior decor.

Efficient operation

How efficiently an air conditioner can operate depends not only on its manufacturing quality but also on its proper selection. Efficiency is directly related to the right selection of the size of air conditioner. A large unit that operates on multiple on off cycles can turn out to be less efficient than a small unit that runs for extended period. Large units are detrimental for uniform cooling.